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Extrusion line - Insulation line - Sheathing line - Bedding/Sheathing line

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030-201321PIONEER 120mm 25D PVC Sheating Line
030-202471MAILLEFER 45mm FEP Line, Model TL45
030-203261SWISSCAB 120mm 24D SZ Sheating Line
030-203271SWISSCAB 120mm 24D + 45mm 24D PVC/XLPE Insulation Line
030-157091MAILLEFER , Core Extrusion Line with 30 mm Extruder
030-183461FAIREX 2x45 mm 20D Insulation Equipment & Cooling Trough
030-156911MAILLEFER FEP Core Extrusion Line 45 mm extruder
030-183441FAIREX-CORELCO 60 mm 20D Corrugated Tubing Line
030-183471FAIREX-MAILLEFER Dual Layer Insulation Line, 60-20D+45-20D
030-145101BANDERA/MB 60мм Эктрузионная линия наложения изоляции
030-183431MAILLEFER 2x80 mm 20 D Bedding Sheathing Line, w. 2 Take-Ups
030-163361MAILLEFER 80 mm Data Cables Insulation Line, EKP 50 Spooler
030-193571CORTINOVIS / ITAL 90mm Extrusion Line with Dual Take up
030-155361MAILLEFER Complete 1-6 mm² Insulation Line, Model BMN 120

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