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Accessories for Scrap

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001-118241MADE By Owner, Plastic Granulator
001-129051RAPID Granulator For PVC/PE Scrap Recovery, Model GE250-E
001-146942Filtering Head For PVC Filtration In Extrusion Process
001-146961ADDAX Cable Stripper for Cable up to 80-90 mm Dia.
001-146981NIEBUCKO Heavy Duty Cable Stripper, For Plastic Removal
001-146991SISO Cable Stripper, Suitable fof Cable dia. Up to 30 mm
001-147012Big Cable Chopper
001-147021RAPID Granulating Unit Model CK-600E
001-172741KUKAMA Cutting Saw - 100 mm Blade - for Cutting Cables
001-179801RAPID Compact Hot Melt Granulator, Model GK300
001-179842RAPID 600 mm Knife Granulator, Model GK 600
001-190671ALPINE Heavy Duty Granulator for Plastic
001-193832Lead Stripper

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