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STOLBERGER (take-up, pay-off, rewinding, coiling, cutting and others)

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014-197631STOLBERGER 66 Bobbins 400 mm SWA/CWS Line, Model KTA 30
010-203001STOLBERGER 1+6/560mm Tubular Stranding Line
014-203101 12+18+24 Bobbins 630mm Rigid Stranding Line
014-203111STOLBERGER 54 Bobbins 630mm Rigid Stranding Line
033-043201STOLBERGER Vertical Accumulator 100 m, Model T 100/30
042-148591STOLBERGER 1000мм Отдающее устр-во портального типа
050-178431STOLBERGER 170mm Cable guide

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