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SAMP (drawing, stranding, cabling, extruder, extrusion line, caterpillars, take-up, pay-off and others)

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063-177101SAMP Alu. Intermediate Drawing Line
066-138251SAMP 0,15-0,5 Drawing Line - Auto-Spooler 250 mm, Model TRB3
080-142691SAMP 1900 A Annealer Used for Intermediate Draw Line
033-191891SAMP Dancer for High Speed Spooler, Model STS1
042-154351SAMP Motorized DIN 630 Pick-up Type Pay-off
042-163581SAMP 630 mm Vertical Pay-off - Motorized Pick-up System
042-143392SAMP Driven Pick-up Type Pay-off DIN 630, Vertical
082-169112SAMP DIN 800 mm Dynamic Spooler for Multiwire
082-191881SAMP 1000 mm High Speed Spooler, Model TE/100

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